Anisa Driscoll

I work at University of Michigan, Frankel Cardiovascular Center as a clinical research coordinator for a biorepository called the Cardiovascular Health Improvement Project (CHIP). We mainly focus on collection of DNA, plasma, serum, aortic tissue, and a clinical database of medical and family history information. Each sample gets genome wide sequencing (GWAS) which we're currently in the process of developing a schema on how to return research level genetic results to patients that could impact their clinical care. Thanks to my previous (Hashemi laboratory) and current experiences, I encompass over five years of research execution and coordination experience ranging from project implementation, biospecimen management, data management and quality control, staff training and supervision, and collaboration as well as financial planning and forecasting.


Audrey Sulkanen

Audrey Sulkanen was an undergraduate in the Hashemi Lab at Wayne State. Now she works for Dr. Liu at UC Davis pursuing her graduate degree.


Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood was an undergraduate student with Dr. Hashemi at UNC, and was lab manager at Wayne State for two years. He received his masters degree in data science and business analytics From UNC Charlotte. He now works as the lead data analyst at the American Academy of Ophthalmology in San Francisco.


Bruce Mousseau

Bruce graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2016 with a B.S. in Chemistry and is now an Analytical Chemistry graduate student in the Amanda Hummon lab at the University of Notre Dame. While a member of the Hashemi Lab, his research focused primarily on in vivo platforms for trace metal analysis. Now at Notre Dame, Bruce is working with a class of microfluidic devices that utilize on-chip cell culture of THLE-3 hepatocytes to better mimic structural and functional purpose of in vivo tissues in organs for pharmacological and physiological studies. In his free time, Bruce enjoys watching sports or exercising with his dog. 


Thushani Siriwardhane

Thushani Siriwardhane graduated with her PhD from the University of South Carolina in 2017. She is now a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Papautsky at the University of Illinois Chicago.


Pavithra Pathriathna

Pavithra Pathriathna graduated with her PhD from Wayne State in 2016. She is now a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Amemiya at the University of Pittsburgh.


Shirley Yang

Shirley graduated with her PhD from Wayne State in 2016. Shirley joined Dr. Chuck Henry’s lab in Colorado State University for postdoc and her research was on microfluidic paper-based analytical devices for virus detection. Shirley is now a research scientist working on clinical validation studies in Vibrant America, LLC, CA


Srimal Samaranayake

Srimal received a bachelor’s of science in chemistry from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. He joined the lab 2012 and was lucky enough to migrate from Wayne State to USC. Srimal developed a method to simultaneously measure serotonin and histamine in vivo using FSCV and now explores how these two neurotransmitters regulate each other in the brain. He works with Dr. Rosemary Booze to study how neurotransmission is altered during HIV. In addition, in a collaboration with Dr. Pavel Ortinski, he measures dopamine to explore individual differences in drug-driven motivation. Srimal is the lab artist, creating beautiful journal covers and lab photographs. He thinks he will be leaving us soon for an amazing post-doc opportunity. Unfortunately, we cannot allow that to happen until we find ourselves a replacement (aka never).​

Aya Abdullah

Aya attended the American University of Sharjah, UAE where she obtained a bachelors of science in chemistry and bachelors of science in chemical engineering. In the Hashemi Lab she developed methods for determining ambient levels of serotonin across brain circuitry along with researching how serotonin differs across various brain regions and why. Aya now works with Dr. Bhavik Patel at the University of Brighton, UK.


Rhiannon Robke

Rhiannon received her bachelors of science in biology from Grand Valley State University, Michigan and was a summer research student with Dr. Hashemi at Wayne State University. In 2018, Rhiannon obtained her master’s in analytical chemistry at the University of South Carolina. Rhiannon was awarded an Academic Medical Center PhD Scholarship and is now pursuing her PhD with Dr. Ingo Willuhn at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience.


Rachel Saylor

Rachel Saylor graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry from Wittenberg University and received her Ph.D. from the University of Kansas as part of the Susan Lunte research group.  After her graduation, Rachel was a postdoctoral scholar at UofSC in the Hashemi lab where she worked on a collaborative project with Dr. Thorsten Lau at the Hector Institute for Translation Brain Research.  Rachel is now a visiting Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Oberlin College and Conservatory.


Nico Schnieder

Nico is a senior biochemistry and neuroscience undergraduate at UofSC. He works under Shane’s guidance on Shane’s serotonin models and any other projects Shane may be working on. As a medical school prospect, Nico is highly interested in clinical applications of research, particularly those pertaining to neurological diseases and disorders. When he’s not stressing over med school applications, Nico can be found playing videogames, saxophone, tennis, singing, running, or sleeping.

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Aspasia Amiridis

Aspa is a senior biochemistry and molecular biology major in the USC Honors College. She has been a member of the Hashemi lab since 2017. Aspa is currently working on a project under the guidance of Jordan Holmes, where she is characterizing a copper-specific CFM that can be used for on-site trace metal analysis. After she finishes her B.S. at USC, Aspa plans to attend graduate school to obtain a Ph.D. in biochemistry. In her free time, Aspa enjoys going to concerts, playing with her kitten Milo, and attending USC soccer games. Go Gamecocks!

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