Fast-scan Cyclic Voltammetry Analysis of Dynamic Serotonin Responses to Acute Escitalopram

The treatment of depression with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, SSRIs, is important to study on a neurochemical level because of the therapeutic variability experienced by many depressed patients. We employed the rapid temporal capabilities of fast scan cyclic voltammetry at carbon fiber microelectrodes to study the effects of a popular SSRI, escitalopram (ESCIT), marketed as Lexapro, on serotonin in mice. We report novel, dynamic serotonin behavior after acute ESCIT doses, characterized by a rapid increase in stimulated serotonin release and a gradual rise in serotonin clearance over 120 min. Dynamic changes after acute SSRI doses may be clinically relevant to the pathology of increased depression or suicidality after onset of antidepressant treatment. Due to the short-term variability of serotonin responses after acute ESCIT, we outline difficulties in creating dose response curves and we suggest effective means to visualize dynamic serotonin changes after SSRIs. Correlating chemical serotonin patterns to clinical findings will allow a finer understanding of SSRI mechanisms, ultimately providing a platform for reducing therapeutic variability. To read the enitre article click here.