Real-time, Selective Detection of Copper(II) using Ionophore-grafted Carbon-fiber Microelectrodes

Rapid, selective detection of metals in complex samples remains an elusive goal that could provide critical analytical information for biological and environmental sciences and industrial waste management. Fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) using carbon-fiber microelectrodes (CFMs) is an emerging technique for metal analysis with broad potential applicability because of its rapid response to changes in analyte concentration and minimal disturbance to the analysis medium. In this communication, we report the first effective application of covalently modified CFMs to achieve highly selective, subsecond Cu(II) measurements using FSCV. A two-part strategy is employed for maximum selectivity: Cu(II) binding is augmented by a covalently grafted ionophore, while binding of other metals is prevented by chemical blocking of nonselective surface adsorption sites. The resulting electrodes selectively detect Cu(II) in a complex medium comprising several interfering metals. Overall, this strategy represents a transformative innovation in real-time electrochemical detection of metal analytes. To read more on this publication click here!