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We focus on a wide range of topics to better the understanding of mental health illnesses.  From developing new biomaterials and medical devices to creating novel imaging, analysis and diagnostic tools for disease detection. Our goal is to translate our research into tangible solutions that can improve people's lives, whether by providing better healthcare, addressing environmental challenges, or advancing our understanding of fundamental biological processes.

 We are committed to open science  and encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing within our lab and with the broader scientific community. 

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Cover Papers


Real-Time, Selective Detection of Copper(II) Using Ionophore-Grafted Carbon-Fiber Microelectrodes

jneurochem cover.jpg

Fast serotonin voltammetry as a versatile tool for mapping dynamic tissue architecture: I. Responses at carbon fibers describe local tissue physiology


Ultrafast Detection and Quantification of Brain Signaling Molecules with Carbon Fiber Microelectrodes


Frontiers in electrochemical sensors for neurotransmitter detection: towards measuring neurotransmitters as chemical diagnostics for brain disorders


Fiber-Based Electrochemical Biosensors for Monitoring pH and Transient Neurometabolic Lactate

Analystcover 2.jpeg

In vivo histamine voltammetry in the mouse premammillary nucleus

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In vivo Hippocampal Serotonin Dynamics in Male and Female Mice: Determining Effects of Acute Escitalopram Using Fast Scan Cyclic Voltammetry


The coaction of tonic and phasic dopamine dynamics

Research Highlights

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